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Plumbing Maintenance

Do know this that your plumbing does not last forever!!! After a couple of years of used washers tend to break, leaks seem to appear out of thin air and toilets just don't seem to work as well as they used to do. Then you know it is time to do some maintenance work on your plumbing.

Get a professional plumber to fix those irritating plumbing problems and maintain your sanitaryware, works out much cheaper than experiencing a full- fledged disaster when water starts gushing out of a broken tap and ruins those expensive wooden floors.

Leaking Shower floors is the cause of most dampness in walls and this is quite tricky to resolve and not a quick fix with silicone as so many people think.

Our plumbers make sure that the waterproofing is done correctly by building a complete new shower floor with tiling and or building of new shower floor and if required new shower doors and frame's, then we can guarantee our clients of no further shower leaks.

Kindly contact us if you do find any dampness near a shower, our qualified plumbers will sort this out.

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